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Special Collections

  • Special Collection

    Heritage, protests and coloniality in contemporary Latin America

    This Special Collection presents a variety of perspectives and innovative case studies from urban centres throughout Latin America. Cross-disciplinary perspectives on heritage and urban spaces into conversation with a range of fields of study such as security specialists, historians, anthropologists, sociologists, political scientists, and cultural geographers.

  • Special Collection

    Violent configurations of power in Mexico

    How can we account for levels of violence, numbers of internally displaced people and territorial fragmentation in Mexico that are higher than most civil wars? We argue that armed actors, far from contesting the existing political institutions and system, conform to the social order to whose reproduction they thus contribute.

  • Special Collection

    Venezuela’s crisis from global perspectives

    Venezuela faces the worst economic crisis in its recent history, with a deep recession, hyperinflation and scarcity that have skyrocketed poverty levels, triggering a massive migratory outflow. How do we explain the Venezuelan crisis from these diverse perspectives and processes?

  • Special Collection

    Elite and Popular Responses to a Left in Crisis

    Latin America is currently undergoing profound changes. The natural resource boom that underwrote much of the economic growth ended and a new wave of social conflict emerged. The contradictions of the pink tide's attempts to create a more socially just alternative to neoliberalism are unraveling, offering an opportunity for analysis of deeper and emerging dynamics.

  • Special Collection

    Mega-Projects, Contentious Action, and Policy Change in Latin America

    This special issue presents recent research that investigates how organized collective action in response to mega-projects is influencing national policies and institutions throughout Latin America. The articles cover social mobilization and policy change related to mining, hydroelectric dams, oil extraction, and accompanying infrastructural expansion.