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  • Special Collection

    Venezuela’s crisis from global perspectives

    Venezuela faces the worst economic crisis in its recent history, with a deep recession, hyperinflation and scarcity that have skyrocketed poverty levels, triggering a massive migratory outflow. How do we explain the Venezuelan crisis from these diverse perspectives and processes?

  • Special Collection

    Elite and Popular Responses to a Left in Crisis

    Latin America is currently undergoing profound changes. The natural resource boom that underwrote much of the economic growth ended and a new wave of social conflict emerged. The contradictions of the pink tide's attempts to create a more socially just alternative to neoliberalism are unraveling, offering an opportunity for analysis of deeper and emerging dynamics.

  • Special Collection

    Mega-Projects, Contentious Action, and Policy Change in Latin America

    This special issue presents recent research that investigates how organized collective action in response to mega-projects is influencing national policies and institutions throughout Latin America. The articles cover social mobilization and policy change related to mining, hydroelectric dams, oil extraction, and accompanying infrastructural expansion.