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Book Reviews


Christien Klaufus, Book Review Editor


American Crossings: Border Politics in the Western Hemisphere, edited by Maiah Jaskoski, Arturo C. Sotomayor & Harold A. Trinkunas, 2015; reviewed by Olivier Thomas Kramsch


The Remittance Landscape: Spaces of Migration in Rural Mexico and Urban USA, by Sarah Lynn Lopez, 2015; reviewed by Christien Klaufus


Latin America’s Emerging Middle Classes; Economic Perspectives, editado por Jeff Dayton-Johnson, 2015; reseñado por Ludolfo Paramio


Cities, Business and the Politics of Urban Violence in Latin America, by Eduardo Moncada,2016; reviewed by Gerard Martin


Who Counts? The Mathematics of Death and Life after Genocide, by Diane Nelson, 2015; reviewed by Finn Stepputat


Owners of the Sidewalk: Security and Survival in the Informal City, by Daniel Goldstein, 2015; reviewed by Griet Steel


Beyond Tradition, Beyond Invention: Cosmic Technologies and Creativity in Contemporary Afro-Cuban Religions, edited by Diana Espírito Santo and Anastasios Panagiotopoulos, 2015; reviewed by Ken Chitwood


Cuba and the U.S. Empire. A Chronological History, by Jane Franklin, 2016; reviewed by Edgar Göll


Haydée Santamaría, Cuban Revolutionary: She Led by Transgression, by Margaret Randall, 2015; Vilma Espín Guillois: el fuego de la libertad, by Yolanda Ferrer Gómez and Carolina Aguilar Ayerra, 2015; reviewed by Dirk Kruijt


Revolutionary Ideology and Political Destiny in Mexico, 1928-1934: Lázaro Cárdenas and Adalberto Tejeda, by Eitan Ginzberg, 2015; reviewed by Heather Fowler-Salamini


Political Landscapes: Forest, Conservation and Community in Mexico, by Christopher R. Boyer, 2015; reviewed by Mariel Aguilar-Støen


A Sentimental Education for the Working Man. The Mexico City Penny Press, 1900-1910, por Robert M. Buffington, 2015; reseñado por Lucas Poy


Pesos and Politics: Business, Elites, Foreigners and Government in Mexico, 1854-1940, by Mark Wasserman, 2015; reviewed by Benedicte Bull


State Theory and Andean Politics: New Approaches to the Study of Rule, edited by Christopher Krupa and David Nugent, 2015; reviewed by Marc Simon Thomas

Brazilian Propaganda: Legitimizing an Authoritarian Regime, by Nina Schneider, 2014; reviewed by João Roberto Martins Filho


The Invention of the Brazilian Northeast, by Durval Muniz de Albuquerque, 2014; reviewed by José Luiz Ratton


A Right to Health; Medicine, Marginality, and Health Care Reform in Northeastern Brazil, by Jessica Scott Jerome, 2015; reviewed by Hudson P. Silva

How to Cite: Book Review Editor, C. K. (2016). Book Reviews. European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, (102), 119–153. DOI:
Published on 13 Oct 2016.


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